Pest Control FAQ's

If it’s raining or looks like it will rain at the time of your appointment, we will contact you and arrange another suitable date to complete the service for you. The reason for this is the chemicals can possibly runoff into stormwater drains. This is not a good environmental practice. The other reason is that we need a dry surface to apply the pesticide effectively.

No, they won’t not unless it is an extreme case like in the event of a flash flood. Once the pesticide has dried and has been applied to a dry surface. It will not wash away.

This is why we encourage pest control to be applied three times a year. Prevention is the best form of pest control.

Cavalier Pest Control will apply a gel to these areas which are often home to cockroaches. We do not apply a liquid spray in these areas. You are free to leave your cupboards as they are.

The safety of your pets is very important to us. You may rest assured that the active constituent that they may come into contact with, either when it is still wet or by inhaling or ingesting, is minute.

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